It was the pros who first asked for a Gabba that’s not as hot as the Gabba but warmer
than the Perfetto Vest. So we started from the Gabba and made the back in Nano
Light fabric -- the same fabric as our Nano Flex tights but without the brushed fleece
inside. This gives the piece a lot of breathability and keeps you from overheating
inside. We further lightened it up by using a lighter weight of Gore® Windstopper® (a
full 25% lighter than the one used on the Gabba) on the front.
You make think that this is filling a very small niche. But just try it. It can cover most of
the conditions of the Gabba (except wet racing and very cold), yet it handles warmer
temperatures better. And the fit is exceptional, which is one more reason you’ll keep
reaching for it.
The consensus of our Castelli test crew is that this piece doesn’t fully replace the
Gabba or Perfetto Vest, but it’s another arrow in your quiver that is ideally suited to
cool temperatures, especially when it’s dry or there’s a risk of light rain.