The Razha K series is a brand new model based exactly on the mould design of the Pinarello Rokh, a bike that won bike of the year and is one of the greats in the road endurance market. The Razha K is a great example of how a well designed, mid level road endurance frameset can balance the mix of straight line race performance, and still provide a comfort level which exceeds much of the competition.

The Razha K delivers a strong, stiff and reliable power transfer whilst being very conscious of ride feel and comfort. As with any Pinarello, delivering the rider less road shock and vibration, separates this bike from the rest of the crowd. The Century ride rear stays are what make this bike one of the smoothest rides underfoot, but their ability to retain the core design principles and performance of their higher end frames is commendable and gives the Razha K a great stature and straight line performance is still there with this platform. Pinarello are at the cutting edge of bike design and deliver a quality of ride that many other bikes dream of achieving. This translates into all their bike range and give the Razha K remarkable value for money for a race / performance level package.

About the Pinarello Razha K Frameset:

The main frame is constructed using carbon fibre sourced from Torayca, producer of the worlds highest quality carbon fibre used in aerospace engineering and Boeing aircraft. Sourcing one of the finest qualities of carbon fibre for their bikes is a fact Pinarello can be and are very proud of offering its riders. The Razha K is finished in a 12K carbon weave, adding a significant amount of strength and rigidity to this frame. The massive down tube, bottom bracket area and rear triangle coupled with a substantial head tube section delivers strong, reliable power transfer, and is outstanding over the rougher roads, whether its out of the saddle pushing its limits up a hill or enjoying the scenic pace of a Sunday beach side ride.

Another main design feature is Pinarellos Onda front fork and Century Ride rear stays. Its benefits go way beyond its distinctive curvy looks. To improve ride feel, this design delivers incredible amounts of shock absorption whilst retaining great stability at high speeds and cornering to a race bred performance level. Its amazing ability to heavily reduce road vibration from travelling up the forks and rear stay to the rider, giving the frame a supple, smooth feel to the most demanding road surfaces. The theory behind this is that high and low frequency vibrations reduce in strength as they pass the curve in the fork and rear stay, meaning a lower road vibration feel through a riders body.