Cannondale SystemSix Frameset

“Never settle in our quest to create the perfect ride” is Cannondale’s motto and this is reflected in the Cannondale SystemSix Frameset. This enables riders to experience the joy of riding all over the world. Cannondale lead the way in aluminium and carbon fibre frames. As a result they constantly push the speed endurance and comfort of their bikes to new heights.

Create your own custom superbike or road bike with Cannondale’s class leading SystemSix Frameset for those all important ultimate performance gains. Further this framset features a combination of light and stiff materials for carbon engineering perfection. This translates into one of the stiffest most aerodynamic and fastest road bike frames on the market.

Cannondale SystemSix Frameset for All Riding Disciplines

Further Cannondale frames are a great example of true structural integrity. As a result each part of the frame works harmoniously allowing for a lighter and better performing bike. The tube shaping offers remarkable drag-saving advantages without impacting weight or stiffness while maintaining power pumping levels.

PMC stocks a wide range of Cannondale kits and frame. Explore the options below to begin building your Cannondale SystemSix Frameset or contact the expert team at Port Melbourne Cycles today for expert advice on the best road ride for you!

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