Focus bikes are expertly designed to meet the ideal requirements of each rider. they are developed through exhaustive testing and extensive input. As a result, they deliver performance without compromise.

Further, Focus pays attention to ergonomic details that assures the greatest fit for every rider.

Focus Cross Bikes

Go for a sporty ride on the versatile Focus cross bike. Glide effortlessly along roads and ensure ample comfort. Further, seat position suits both a Sunday ride and a quick ride after work.


Be enamoured with the sense of speed and liberty you get with the Focus Paralane. Awaken your sense of adventure and instill a desire to ride where you’ve never ridden before!


The Mares Cyclocross bike has the necessary agility and maximum ground clearance to make it the perfect machine for Team Rapha Jemery Powers. Achieve World Cup rides with Focus bikes!

Izalco Race

Distance yourself from the pack on those mid-ride city limit sprints. This is your fairy tale performance at a realistic price! Perfect for local rides to amateur races.

Izalco Max

Designed for maximum rigidity with minimal weight as the result of perfect German engineering. This is the top of the Focus range for a reason and a winning combination for every rider.

Izalco Donna Womens

Enjoy cycling in style and comfort! This is the ideal bike for those who simple want to enjoy their ride without worrying about beating the clock.

Izalco Chrono Max

Be uncompromising when it comes to speed and ambition. This bike has been developed by Andreas Walser and Focus to be the ideal ride for those fighting the clock!


Performance and professional quality in an affordable package! Further a compliant carbon frame lets you go further and faster for longer.

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