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Leave the car behind with Port Melbourne Cycle’s range of e-bike. Also known as electric bikes, e-bikes are great for those looking to improve their mobility or go further, faster. Commute to work with a little assistance or conquer that uphill trek, today!

What Are e-Bikes?

There’s still a lot of confusion as to what an e-bike is and how they work. An electric bike provides extra power when you are pedalling. Commonly referred to as e-bikes, they provide more power, are heavier, and more complex than the average bike. The bike features a small motor that gives your ride an extra boost, especially in hilly environments.

Different Types of e-Bikes

e-Bikes have a range of different electric bike styles. They come in a few different shapes, sizes and models, but the same principle applies as when choosing a regular bike; make sure it is comfortable and it suits your style of riding.

Mountain e-Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are a great option for those who enjoy riding trails. Extra power means that uphill climbs are a breeze. Forget huffing and puffing on trails and let yourself enjoy the view. Mountain e-bikes have durable frames, strong wheels, and treaded tires.

Electric Road Bikes

e-Bikes are now available in stunning road and urban bike styles. Seen as a fantastic city alternative and the perfect solution to getting around town. Lean, mean and green, these commuting machines are a new age solution to public transport and cars. Get around city congestion with ease.

Port Melbourne Cycles e-Bikes

Port Melbourne Cycles stocks the latest in high quality electric bikes to suit all riders. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun of modern electric bikes. PMC has the perfect e-bike for everyone. View our range below or come into the store, today, to find out more.

No matter your reason to ride, we have the solution for you!