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Do you remember learning to ride your bike? Most of us grew up riding pedal bikes with training wheels on them commonly known as a balance bike. However, for kids just learning to ride, bikes with training wheels do have problems. Most children have not yet developed the strength in their legs to push pedals on a bike.

Further, kids are still developing their sense of balance. As a result, balance bikes with training wheels are not very stable, which leads to falling. And a fear of falling can mean kids take longer to develop their sense of balance.

Kid’s balance bikes allow children to develop their sense of balance without the fear of falling. And, when they are ready, you can transition them to push bikes without ever needing training wheels. 


What is a Balance Bike?

Kids and adults around Australia love balance bikes. They are designed for young children as training bikes, helping them learn to balance and steer. Balance bikes do not have pedals. Instead, children guide the bikes with their feet, hence why they are also known as running bikes.

The key to riding a balance bike is ensuring your child’s feet can be firmly set on the ground while seated. Learning to ride a push or pedal bike allows kids to master their balance quickly and confidently. Further, it makes transitioning to a pedal or pushbike easier, rather than scary, for kids.

The Perfect Training Bike for Your Kids!

As you can see, the hype around balance bikes is there for a reason! These innovative bikes are safe, economical and encourage kids to get outside and play. They are also more practical and safer than traditional training wheels and tricycles. When choosing a kid’s balance bike, weight should be an important consideration.

Children are still developing their muscles, so the less weight they carry around, the better. For example, a 3-year-old boy weighs around 14kg. So a 1kg in weight-saving equates to 7% of their body weight, which is a big difference! So consider the weight of the bike when choosing one for your children.

Balance Bikes For Kids – Introduce them to the world of riding!

Sometimes as adults, we often forget or simply cannot remember our first riding experiences—the early years, where our biggest fear of riding a bike was falling and getting hurt. Children are very quick at working out what they enjoy and consider a fun activity and what is painful and scary. We want to embed the feeling of fun when kids ride a balance bike. For many children, it can be a real concern or, worse, prevent them from riding a bike. Working out the bike’s balance was a real challenge. This is exactly where riding a balance bike can be of significant assistance. It takes away the fear the child will have of falling over and getting hurt. Once the child practices more typically for 2 years, and enjoys riding their balance bike, they soon develop fond sensations associated with riding a bike.

A Balance Bike can be a real game-changer.

Riding a balance bike can be a game-changer. The issue of working out the bike’s balance is no longer an issue. It can be the difference between a child not wanting to ride a bike and transforming them into really enjoying the experience of riding. All this, thanks to a balance bike, typically 2 years is the recommended transition period. The greatest challenges, understanding the bike’s balance and overcoming the fear of falling, is no longer a concern.

At Port Melbourne Cycles, we pride ourselves in offering Australia’s largest range of balance bikes for all ages, including balance bikes.  Another fantastic brand we recommend for young children learning to ride is FirstBIKE.