KASK Infinity

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As developed with the Grand Tour winning Team Sky, KASK’s brief was to come up with a helmet that combined the same aero-advantages as KASK’s fully closed helmets together with the cooling effects of a fully vented road race model.

Produced using KASK’s innovative In-Moulding system the Infinity is truly special in that it offers the same mechanical strength and shock-resistance as KASK’s other helmets but with a mobile aerator for easy in-the-saddle use. Simply open up for temperature management on climbs and close to meet the aerodynamic demands of sprinting.

Even when the vents are fully closed a high level of ventilation is guaranteed by two front openings that feed two airflow channels over the rider’s head and out through two rear exhaust ports. In addition to these adjustable vents there are other optimal design features to smooth a path through the air: featuring a fully rounded profile as well as further innovation in the use of a side rib that breaks the airflow reducing the low pressure air bubble created to the rear of the helmet. The result? Ultra-low air turbulence and minimal drag.