Cannondale CAAD13

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Cannondale CAAD13 Road Bike is the ultimate full suspension bike that has all the quality and durability required by today’s aggressive bikers. The Cannondale CAAD13 DISC is lightweight and extremely efficient for performance and provides a smooth performance with maximum submissive power that puts the rider in a comfortable position. With the use of the smooth flow-through Brembo brakes that have been fitted to the bike, the CAAD ensures smooth braking and also allows the rider to take full advantage of the latest brake technology that is becoming ever more available. The benefits of the Cannondale CAAD13 DISC are many, including its flat mount disc, great performance and value for money, but first and foremost, it has been designed for functional reliability.

Cannondale CAAD13 DISC Road Bike is the Ultimate Full Suspension Bike

Cannondale has spent considerable amounts of time and effort to research the most suitable components for each of their bike products, which is evident in the Cannondale CAAD13 DISC. The CAAD is lightweight thanks to its hollow aluminium frame and is equipped with both hydraulic disc brakes and nubuck/ork booms for a perfect feel whilst riding off-road or in the wet. Cannondale has fitted the CAAD using lightweight aluminium frames that have been precision-tuned to perfection, meaning that they are exceptionally strong and durable for many months of use. With the standard version of the Cannondale CAAD13  set weighing in at less than forty kilograms, you can be sure that you will be getting a solid, stable and functional product including a flat mount disc that has been designed for total performance.

The CAAD 13 Expands upon the Performance of the previous Design

The Cannondale CAAD13 DISC improves upon the performance of the original design by adding further stiffness onto the aero and suspension system, as well as providing an increased stiffness in the handle bar, seat and cuffs with a great flat mount disc. These additions increase the bike’s handling performance and allow it to perform more consistently, ensuring that you will enjoy a smoother ride and better control while riding. The increased stiffness also adds greater responsiveness and stability to the bike, meaning that you can anticipate a more comfortable and safer ride. This is essential when you consider that the purpose of a race bike is to win, so having a bike that allows you to have a smooth ride and turn over at a good rate is an advantage over other competing teams.

Cannondale is the only company that can make an aluminium bike that’s both stylish and functional. Cannondale and Gary Klein developed oversized aluminium frames in the 1980s that were significantly lighter than the steel frames. These aluminium frames, which were large in size, were the first step in the material wars that led to the creation of carbon composite frames.

Cannondale’s most expensive road frames are now made of carbon, but the brand still has a strong connection to aluminium. Cannondale’s CAAD aluminium bicycles have been a standard of value and performance for many years.

Cannondale’s new benchmark bike is a major deal. Cannondale claims that the new Cannondale CAAD13 DISC is aerodynamically and smoother than its predecessor, and has improved versatility thanks to 30mm tire clearance (on disc models) and hidden fender mountings. The profile and geometry of the 13 share similarities with the SuperSix Evo racebike; this bike was designed to be a race bike, not an endurance bike.

A Deeper look at the CAAD13

The Cannondale CAAD13 DISC exceeded my expectations. The ride is smoother than the CAAD12 especially on larger bumps but it doesn’t lose any of its fire. The bike is quick, stiff, lively, and crisp. This bike is more comfortable for longer rides but can still be used to mix it up during an hour-long crit. The Shimano 105 built on this bike provided top-of-the-line shifting and braking performance.

This bike is more fun and has more personality than other bikes, even those that are more expensive. This bike is affordable and will last a lifetime. You can upgrade it if you like, but it doesn’t necessarily need anything. This bike is a beast.

Let’s explore what’s new

Cannondale’s iconic aluminium road bike has been completely redesigned. The CAAD12 was an excellent bike that is loved for its crisp performance and lively ride. This bike is a great example of how aluminium can withstand carbon. It is expected that the replacement will be just as good. Cannondale claims that the 13 is more aerodynamic than its predecessor and also more comfortable and capable. Cannondale’s product teams have improved on one of the most valuable bikes and best value available. This is no easy feat.

The profile of the 13 is very similar to Cannondale’s new SuperSix Evo, which is the brand’s top-of-the-line race bike. The Cannondale CAAD13 DISC also uses truncated airfoil-shaped tubes that are stiffer and lighter than a regular round tube, but they are still up to 30% more aerodynamic. Riders can also use one water bottle to unlock additional aerodynamic gains by using the optional lowered cage position on their downtube.

Cannondale claims that the dropped seat stay attachment, and the integrated seat post clamp are designed to increase compliance. The SuperSix Evo shares the D-shaped seat post. Complete bikes come with setback posts and include a flat mount disc. However, if you require a forward position, a zero offset is available. You can make the ride smoother by fitting 30mm tires to disc models. Rim-brake models can accommodate up to 28mm tires.

The new SuperSix Evo shares geometry, making it a bike with narrow dimensions and race-influenced handling. The CAAD13 can be used by limber riders with medium-short head tubes. Complete bikes include a 25mm headset top cap, which helps more flexible riders to achieve a more sensible riding position. The 44-54 size range has a slacker head tube and a 55mm offset fork. This combination not only pushes the front wheel forward for smaller sizes to reduce toe-overlap but also reduces the bike’s trail dimension, making it sportier to handle.

Ride Impressions

Full disclosure: I love aluminium road bikes and the way aluminium bikes feel grittier than carbon bikes. I also like their toughness and punch. Carbon is the best choice for pure performance, even if cost is not an issue. I ride because I love riding, and will choose a bike that makes me smile rather than one that is faster. This is often an aluminium bike.

A bike made of aluminium like the CAAD13.

Cannondale had to do a lot of work trying to improve the CAAD 12, which was a great achievement. The best parts of the CAAD 12–it is lively and crisp feel–have been preserved, but the ride is refined. The ride is smoother and more comfortable than the 12. It doesn’t dampen the funky buzz that makes this bike so communicative. It’s especially noticeable when you ride on bumps larger than the 12, which cause the frame to move with less energy.

It has been claimed to be the ultimate alloy race machine featuring durable brake levers, rim brakes, Cannondale bar tape for needed grip and a carbon fork.  A carbon fork is often overlooked as many novice riders don’t understand the importance of a carbon fork and how they benefit road bikes. Also, an integrated crown race is included in the design for maximum steering control, an integrated crown race is often an overlooked yet important component. When setting out to create the ultimate alloy race machine. A carbon fork and utilising the Cannondale advanced aluminium design places CAAD bikes headed of the competition