Cannondale SLICE

Cannondale SLICE – In triathlons and time trials your only challenges are the wind the road and your will. With their innovative wind-cheating designs stable handling geometry and road-smoothing Aero SAVE features Cannondale’s Slice and Slice RS bikes are engineered to maximize your advantages over the first two. The will is up to you.


Create your own custom superbike or road bike with Cannondale’s class leading framesets for those all important ultimate performance gains.

Cannondale SLICE for Your Triathlon Experience Today

Further Cannondale SLICE Bikes are a great example of a truly harmonious system, allowing for a lighter and better performing bike.

Cannondale’s frames feature the most advanced combination of the lightest and stiffest materials yet for carbon engineering perfection. This translates into one of the stiffest most aerodynamic and fastest road bike frames on the market. Explore the options below today!

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