Focus Road Bikes

Focus Road Bikes Racing machines! That’s what you get when Focus engineers and professional riders team up to build bikes. The new Focus Race models are equally as impressive on the stages of the Tour and the Giro as they are on winding circuit races.

And that’s what counts for anyone for whom speed is a philosophy and not just a number on the speedometer.

German engineering ensures that Focus bikes features design and development to meet the particular requirements of all riders with exhaustive testing and extensive input from professional competitors.

Through this process Focus also delivers performance without compromise. Attention to every ergonomic detail assures a perfect fit for all riders. This makes Focus bikes, with their special geometry and stylish frame the urban bike.

Further, Focus bikes get you through all of the city-centre congestion quickly and with great flexibility while also being silent and maintenance-free thanks to the belt drive. You can go for a sporty ride on almost any bike but few are as versatile as Focus. They glide effortlessly along roads and ensure ample comfort and puncture-resistance on forest tracks. The seat position is balanced to suit both Sunday outings and a quick spin after work.


Be caught in the grip of road cycling with the sense of speed and liberty you get with Paralane!


The cyclocross Focus bike, chosen by Team Rapha Jeremy Powers is summed up as the mud shoulder finish rostrum!


Be prepared to drop the group with the official Focus bike of AG2R La Mondale! Also available with disc brakes!


Performance and professional quality in an affordable package! Experience the sporty lines and compliant carbon frame of the Cayo Focus bikes.

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