Pinarello Dogma

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Everything starts with an idea. Add passion and freedom of expression. .. The Dogma is written.It is the fourth year in succession the Italian manufacturers have won the coveted prize with the Dogma 60.1 taking over from the two-time winning Prince model as the best bike on the block. In the review Bicycling’s deputy test director Mike Cushionbury noted how the bike “felt fast comfortable and handled like a dream.” He concluded by stating that the Pinarello Dogma 60.1 is: “The best combination of everything you would expect from a race bike and it still makes an excellent all-day driver. It’s a package that could not be beat.”The model was specifically chosen by Team Sky at the start of the season due to its revolutionary asymmetrical frame and state-of-the-art production techniques Team principal Dave Brailsford saying at the time: “The ways that Pinarello combine their life-long passion for the bike with the latest technology are genuinely inspired. Pinarello are now a fundamental part of the team and help our relentless efforts to have the best possible tools for Team Sky.”