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    Scott Addict 20 Disc 105 (2021)


    Scott Addict 10 Disc Ultegra (2021)


If you enjoy long days in the saddle and coming home after the street lights come on, then our Scott Addict Endurance bikes are for you. Comfortable, efficient, and dynamic, these bikes eat miles for breakfast.


When we first introduced the Addict back in 2008, it was already the lightest bike on the market and seen as the benchmark for the industry. Over the years the family has grown and is now probably the most complete bike series out there. From an ultra-lightweight road bike to the versatile gravel grinder, there are many models to choose from to delight lightweight fans in every discipline. The tips of our proverbial lightweight icebergs are still our Racing Concept models (RC). These products have been developed to give riders that edge to take the biggest wins in the sport. The remarkably lightweight frame makes the RC every climber’s dream bike. Additionally, we’ve introduced a more affordable version which comes with an endurance geometry for even more compliance to fit the needs of everyday riders. Those who don’t want to stick to asphalt can go off-road with either the Gravel or our CX. Thanks to its incredibly powerful carbon fibres all Addict models still have the same main feature – a remarkably lightweight frame. For better control, regardless of weather conditions most models are now available with disc brakes.


RC stands for Racing Concept. This series was designed to fit the demands of our World Tour Teams by providing a remarkably lightweight and stiff frame making it the first choice for every climber. The brand-new Addict RC has our well proven race geometry on which the rider can achieve the ideal position for optimal power transfer and comfort in the saddle.


The disc version combines the superior control of disc brakes with our super-light Addict frame resulting in the perfect bike for any ride. Just be aware, your excuses won’t work anymore if you can’t keep up going down or up the hill with your friends.


Our gravel is a real explorer and literally made for every road, wherever you might go. To be able to switch between gravel, asphalt or forest road whenever you want gives you endless possibilities to mix up your ride and explore in an unrestricted fashion. Just hop on your Gravel and see where things go.


There are two different geometries for the Addict on-road bike. All RC models have the same well proven geometry as that of the Michelton-SCOTT team bikes, while the others come with a less aggressive and more comfortable endurance geometry. So, if you wake up in the morning, stretch, strap on a heart rate monitor and go KOM hunting, the Addict RC family might be for you. However, if getting out on the bike means that you’re going to be gone for hours, chewing up mile after mile in search of freedom, then perhaps the Addict’s more comfortable geometry is your go to. The beauty with the Addict family is that there is a lightweight and capable road bike for anyone and everyone, finally they work well with the wahoo-KICKR products. .