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Cycling shoes are essential kit for your cycling experience. They help you maximise your energy to the pedals, creating a more efficient power transfer that ultimately means less work for you. These shoes are available for all types of cycling with a wide variety of materials, soles and retention systems to improve your riding performance.

Further cycling shoes have an essential strong sole that enables you to transfer more power in each pedal stroke by reducing the amount of flex in the sole. Commuting, recreational and mountain bike cycling shoes often more closely resemble street shoes compared to performance focused cycling shoes. These are often equipped with an incredibly rigid carbon fibre sole that is extremely lightweight.

Further, mountain bike cycling shoes generally feature clips on either side of the pedal making it easier to quickly clip in on steep slopes and rough terrain.

However, road bike shoes for casual and road cyclists are more focused on being lightweight, effectively transferring power and keeping the foot in optimal placement throughout the ride. Professional and triathlon style cycling shoes are designed to hold the foot to the pedal in the way the cyclist started the race. Cycling shoes designed for commuters, however, are often technical hybrids between cycling and street shoes. This allows the rider to clip in and pedal effectively while easily transitioning into general walking.

However, the most important thing to remember with any cycling shoe is that they are comfortable to wear straight out of the box. Unlike ordinary shoes, cycling footwear does not have give that will allow for a “break in” period. At Port Melbourne Cycles, we carry some of the biggest brands of cycling shoes. Explore the options below to find the right shoes for you. Or, if you’re unsure what to get, contact our expert PMC team today. We can help you get on your bike in comfort and style!