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Urban Bikes

Urban bikes are made for the everyday urban environment we all live in. Urban bikes can be used to travel short and medium distances, including commuting or courier work, going shopping, running errands or heading out to social activities. Urban cycling encompasses any cycling done simply as a means of transport rather than as a sport or leisure activity. It is the original and most common type of cycling in the world.

Urban bikes have many standard features to enhance their usefulness and comfort. Chain-guards and mudguards, or fenders, protect clothes and moving parts from oil and spray. Kick stands help with parking. Front-mounted wicker or steel baskets for carrying goods are often used. Rear luggage carriers can be used to carry items such as school satchels. Panniers or special luggage carriers enable the transport of goods and are useful for shopping. Trailers of various types and load capacities may be towed to greatly increase cargo capacity.

Urban cycling is believed to have several social and economic benefits. Policies that encourage utility cycling have been proposed and implemented for reasons including: improved public health,individual health and employers' profits a reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution, improvements in road traffic safety, improved quality of life,improved mobility and social inclusiveness, and benefits to child development.

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Cannondale Bad Boy 3 (2016)

Was $1,399.00

PMC Price $999.00

Focus Planet 1.0 Belt (2016)

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PMC Price $1,199.00

Focus Planet 3.0 Plus (2016)

Was $1,399.00

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Cannondale Bad Boy 3 (2018)

Was $1,499.00

PMC Price $1,389.00

Cannondale Hooligan 1 (2017)

PMC Price $1,499.00

Focus Planet Alivio Plus (2018)

PMC Price $1,299.00

Focus Planet Belt Plus (2018)

PMC Price $1,599.00

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