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Womens Flatbar Road Bikes

A flat bar road bike is a relatively new style of bicycle. It is simply a road bike often fitted with MTB-style shifters, brake levers and a flat handlebar. This combination provides a light, fast bike with a more upright and neutral riding position. A flat-bar road bike is most commonly used for commuting, urban and fitness riding. 

The flat handlebar on a flat-bar bike usually provides the rider with a more upright riding position compared to drop handlebars. This may allow a more comfortable ride for those who prefer to be in a more upright. Flat-bar bikes have larger more padded (often gel) seats as more weight is on the seat than with a drop bar which places weight on the hands.The flat-bar bike is ideal for those with lower back issues. 

Flat-bar bikes are designed for commuting,shopping, short distance fitness and recreation rides on roads or paths riding at medium speeds. Most flat-bar bikes use wider 28 or 32mm tyres compared to drop bar bikes which are usually fitted with narrower, higher pressure 23 or 25mm tyres. The wider tyre gives a more comfortable ride over paths and rough road surfaces. A flat-bar bike is not a cross-country bike nor is it suited to riding off paved surfaces. Most flat-bars are fitted with a triple gear giving 24 or 27 speeds.