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Port Melbourne Cycle’s Workshop has everything you need for your cycling needs. Between rides many enthusiasts find they need to give their bikes a little love and care. This can be anything from a simple clean to dismantling your bike entirely. Port Melbourne Cycles carries a range of workshop ready items for you to stock up on, including active cleaners designed especially to clean the paint work of your precious road bike. We also provide a wide range of bike chain oils and bio-friendly oils to ensure your chains are well maintained no matter how hard you push your machine.

We also provide valuable bike storage options to give you more garage space while fitting all wheel sizes. PMC stocks a range of Allen keys to make dismantling your bike for cleaning and upgrades a breeze, and patch kits for quick fixes easy and stress free. PMC stocks some of the best known products including Morgan Blue, Lezyne, and Tri-flow.

Morgan Blue started manufacturing in 1994, developing a chain cleaner and degreaser that took on a blue tone, hence the name. Today, more than 60% of the chains and more than 20% of the legs in the World Tour peloton circle use Morgan Blue oil. Cyclists swear by it, making it one of the most recommended products on the market.

Lezyne’s mission is to create some of the most advanced and beautiful cycling products on the market. From bicycle hand pumps to smart tyre patch kits, Lezyne strives for the best in every product. Their philosophy is a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design, meaning even their patch kits are exquisitely designed, intelligently engineered and extremely functional.

Tri-Flow’s philosophy is “we get you movin’!” and that is certainly the case with their vast collection of greases and degreases. One of the preferred choices of biking enthusiasts, Tri-Flow is a world class product that boasts a triple action cleaning, protecting and lubricating formula to keep your ike performing at peak conditions.

Explore the options below or contact the team at PMC today for advice!

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Morgan Blue Bike Wash 1 Litre

PMC Price $28.00

Morgan Blue Bio Bike Oil Road 125ml

PMC Price $28.00

Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner 1 Litre

PMC Price $38.00

Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner 250ml

PMC Price $17.00

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube 125ml

PMC Price $22.00

Morgan Blue Race Oil Road 125ml

PMC Price $22.00

Morgan Blue Rolls Pro 125ml

PMC Price $28.00

Morgan Blue Syn Lube Course 125ml

PMC Price $22.00

Allen Key Set Deluxe

PMC Price $35.00

Lezyne Smart Patch Kit

PMC Price $8.00

Pro Bike Rack Hook

PMC Price $34.00

Rock N Roll Extreme Chain Lube 4oz

PMC Price $14.00

Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lube 4oz

PMC Price $14.00

Tri-Flow Teflon Lubricant 2oz

PMC Price $12.00

From 1 to 14 of 14