Best Price Guarantee

*Our Best Price Guarantee applies to products marked with the Best Price Guarantee stamp and where:

• The product is identical, with the same manufacturer, design, quality and condition and from authorised Australian dealers

• The identical product is advertised as being available to the general public and is in stock

• The lower price includes shipping costs and GST

• The product is available from Victorian dealers only for Cannondale and Focus bikes and all Australian dealers only for Pinarello bikes.

*Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply where:

• The product has been discounted because it is second-hand, floor stock, ex demo, damaged, liquidation or warehouse sale, stock clearance, or a promotion involving a third party.

• The lower price is part of a financing, rebates, cash back, bonus or free offers, redemptions or available for less than one week

• A lower price is the result of an error

• The lower price is below our cost price including freight and build costs.

*Our Guarantee if honoured does not include any financing options

Further PMC reserves the right to verify the competitor’s advertised price. PMC may terminate or amend the Best Price Guarantee at any time and without notice. Our Best Price Guarantee is only available on the date we provide you with the quoted price.