Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello into years of total domination in the cycling world.

Pinarello, at the forefront of bike riding technology, sees the beautiful collision of Italian design and cycling heritage. By choosing a Pinarello Road Bike you are choosing a ride that is notorious for racing success and victory.

As a result, every Pinarello road bike is a testament to the team’s dedication to craft the best bikes on the market. Further, not only is each bike visually stunning but are testaments to engineering and performance at their best.

In their pursuit of the perfect ride, Pinarello hasn’t forgotten to keep the race-quality of their bikes. This attention to handling, feel, and liveliness makes other bikes feel lifeless in comparison and allow Pinarello to bring something truly unique to the sport.

If you would like to find out more about the range of Pinarello bikes available at Port Melbourne Cycles, explore the options below!

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