Pinarello Road Bikes

For over 60 years, Pinarello has been at the forefront of bike technology. As a result, they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what their bikes are capable of. Traditionally viewed as one of the highest quality bicycle manufacturers in the world, Pinarello is the brand of choice of Team Sky. Combining Italian heritage with contemporary methods and technology, Pinarello is truly a force to be reckoned with in the global market. As a result their bikes are highly accessible to almost any road and racing cyclist.

Pinarello road bikes pride themselves on being ahead of the pack when it comes to modern bike design. While Pinarello continues to strive for the best in modern technology, Pinerallo never forgets its family roots in the 1950s. In the last 60 years, Pinarello has crafted the highly sought after frames including the Dogma, Paris, Quattro, Rokh and FP Due.

Further Cannondale frames are a great example of a truly integrated system ensuring a high degree of structural integrity. As a result each part of the frame works harmoniously allowing for a lighter and better performing bike. The tube shaping offers remarkable drag-saving advantages without impacting weight or stiffness while maintaining power pumping levels.

Further, Pinarello likes to keep its model runs limited. As a result, the collection is intensely focused on all riding needs. To quote Pinarello, these bikes aren’t just for the sprinter or the climber. You don’t need a different bike for every ride. You just need the best combination. That is the Pinarello Road Bike.

Pinarello into years of total domination in the cycling world.

Pinarello, at the forefront of bike riding technology, sees the beautiful collision of Italian design and cycling heritage. By choosing a Pinarello Road Bike you are choosing a ride that is notorious for racing success and victory. As a result, every Pinarello road bike is a testament to the team’s dedication to craft the best bikes on the market. Further, not only is each bike visually stunning but are testaments to engineering and performance at their best.

In their pursuit of the perfect ride, Pinarello hasn’t forgotten to keep the race-quality of their bikes. This attention to handling, feel, and liveliness makes other bikes feel lifeless in comparison and allow Pinarello to bring something truly unique to the sport.

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