Road Bikes

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Our range of Road Bikes include performance bikes, recreational bikes and custom built bikes. We supply a variety of quality brands such as Pinarello Cannonade and Focus bikes. Spare parts & accessories also available.

Melbourne’s Leading Road Bikes

The modern road bike is designed for fitness, racing and competition. Further, a road bikes need to be comfortable and robust.

The best way to find the right bike for you is to try out and compare different makes and models. It is important that you feel comfortable and in control at all times. This is why Port Melbourne Cycles carries a wide range of bikes to meet all your cycling needs.

Performance Bikes

Many brands offer performance focused bikes for the rider. These bikes are laterally stiff, while allowing for some flex to absorb some of the bumps in the road. This makes your new bike more comfortable and enjoy, while improving performance.

Casual Bikes for Every Rider

Looking for the perfect bike to help you work out and keep you fit? Port Melbourne Cycles carries a wide range of casual bikes for all riders. Further, our expert staff can help you find the right bike for your needs! From the professional rider to casual riders, we can help you find the right bike!