Why is Cannondale the Best Bike Brand?

The Cannondale brand has a rich and enduring history in both the road and mountain bike sectors. Cannondale’s name has become synonymous with innovation, and has long been at the forefront of cycling technology. As a result, they have become a universally recognised name in the cycling world. But we are still often asked a range of questions about Cannondale bikes, including if it’s a good bike brand. So today the team at Port Melbourne Cycles is answering all your burning questions, including if Cannondale is the best bike brand.

Which Company Owns Cannondale?cannondale best bike brand

Since October 2021, Cannonalde has been owned by Pon Holding after they acquired the company from the previous owner Dorel Sports as of a corporate merger. As a result of this deal, Pon Holdings has become the world’s largest bike company, surpassing even Giant Bicycles.

Where are Cannondale Bikes Made?

Cannondale bikes are mostly manufactured and assembled in Taiwan and Vietnam. The more competitively-priced bikes are generally produced in Vietnam. However, some bike assembly does still take place in the USA.

Are Cannondale Bikes Made in the USA?

Prior to 2010, Cannondale brand bikes were made and assembled in the USA. However, since 2010, Cannondale moved their manufacturing operations to Taiwan and Vietnam in order to cut costs.

When Did Cannondale Stop Making Bikes in the USA?

2010 is when Canondale stopped producing bikes in the US and moved manufacturing operations to Taiwan and Vietnam. The last bike made and assembled in the UC was the Scalpel Team Replica. Since then, all Cannondale bikes have been manufactured in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Are Cannondale Bikes Good?cannondale best bike brand

Short answer, yes, Cannondale bikes are good. Cannondale bikes are considered one of the best bike brands in the industry. No matter how much money you spend, with a Cannondale bike, you will get a carefully assembled bike that is built to last. Even entry-level Cannondale bikes perform well when used by their target audience.

Are Cannondale Mountain Bikes Good?

Cannondale mountain bikes are an excellent choice. Made from either aluminium or carbon and equipped with reliable components from brands including Shimano, SRAM, RockShox, Fox, and WTB, they make mountain bikes ideal for beginners and advanced riders. Cannondale continues to develop their MTB line and the newest models often feature cutting edge technology.

Is the Cannondale Synapse a Good Bike?

The Synapse is one of Cannondale’s most popular endurance road bikes. And for good reason. The Synapse comes in either a carbon or aluminium frame and is available in almost 60 unique builds. As a result, it is a bike that is ideal for both amateurs and professional riders. The Cannondale Synapse is one of the best Cannondale brand bikes to own if you are looking for an excellent endurance road bike.

Are Cannondale Road Bikes Any Good?


Cannondale is a brand highly regarded for their road bikes. The CAAD12 range in particular has been featured multiple times as Bike of the Year, winning the overall title in 2016. As a result, Cannondale road bikes are definitely considered good bikes.

Are Cannondale Bikes Carbon Fibre?

Yes, many of Cannondale’s bikes are made from carbon fibre. Just like they did with aluminium, Cannondale were among the first brands to experiment with carbon fibre in bike frames as early as the mid-1990s. their first all-carbon bike was the Synapse, which is still one of the most popular road bikes of all time.

Do Cannondale Bikes Use Aluminium?

Yes, Cannondale do make aluminium bike frames and were one of the first brands to do so. Cannondale’s first bike, a touring model, was developed in 1983 and controversially made using TIG-welded aluminium. Despite the controversy, Cannondale had faith in the material. Aluminium offered opportunities above and beyond steel, with tubing that offered a refreshing silhouette. It was also stiffer and lighter, which were the preferable ride qualities in the 80s.

Even though modern tastes prefer carbon fibre bike frames, Cannondale remains committed to developing aluminium frames. As a result, CAAD series frames are regarded as some of the best aluminium bikes on the market.

What Are Cannondale Bikes Made Of?

Cannondale produces high-end bicycles made from aluminium and carbon fibre. While many other bike frame manufacturers focused on producing steel or titanium frames, Cannondale pioneered bike frames made from aluminium and carbon fibre.

Are Cannondale Bikes Lightweight?best bike brand

Cannondale bikes are lightweight and comfortable to ride. A good example of a lightweight Cannondale bike is the Cannondale Quick. It is a comfortable, lightweight, and quick-rolling urban road bike that’s perfect for everything from commuting to exercise to fun rides around town. The Quick is also perfect for those who want a bike with a more upright stance and a flat handlebar.

Are Cannondale Hybrid Bikes Any Good?

Cannondale Hybrid bikes are perfect for those who want a commuting bike that can also manage rough terrain. A good example of this is the Cannondale Quick XC 2. This midrange quality bike from the Cannondale Quick series is styled very much like a mountain bike but its speed is efficient for roads as well. It is light and strong, meaning it can handle your commute, as well as even some rougher terrain.

Is Cannondale a Good Brand?

Almost every cyclist will agree that Cannondale is a good brand. While some of the bikes are more expensive, especially the higher end mountain bikes, you get what you pay for. Cannondale bikes are an investment, and you definitely get a fantastic return on it. When you buy a Cannondale bike, you get one of the best bikes money can buy.

Are Cannondale Bikes Worth It?

Yes, Cannondale bikes are definitely worth it. Not only are they the brand of choice for most cyclists, they are also the preferred brand for professional teams. Cannondale bikes have a huge presence in the Tour de France and are known innovators in the cycling space. Investing in a Cannondale bike means investing in a high-quality bike made from superior parts and materials.

Why Are Cannondale Bikes Not the Cheapest?cannondale best bike

Cannondale bikes are expensive due to the technology and materials incorporated into each bike. Cannondale are innovators and are behind the creation first aluminium frame used in the CAAD, SmartForm, and BallisTec frames, while competitors were still using steel.

The Cannondale brand has positioned itself at the cutting edge of bike design, utilising carbon and titanium materials. They are pioneers of fusing light, stiff frame technology with their premium products. Cannondale are also renowned for tech advancements, including performance and overall presentation quality. So when you pay for a Cannondale bike, you’re not just buying a bike, you’re buying the result of decades of innovation.

How Much Do Cannondale Bikes Cost?

Cannondale have bikes for every budget and purpose in their ranges. There are a number of mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that can be found under $1,000. The most expensive Cannondale road bike, currently, is the 2022 SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc Dura-Ace Di12 which sits at $23,552.13. And the most expensive mountain bike, as of writing, is the 2021 model Scalpel Carbon SE LTD MTB at $8,300.00.

Are Cannondale Bikes Made by Giant Bicycles?cannondale best bike brand

This is a common misconception, largely due to the many brands under the Giant Bicycles umbrella. However, prior 2021, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was owned by Dorel Industries’ Sports arm. Since 2021, Cannondale is now owned by Pon Holding, who purchased the company as part of a corporate merger with Dorel Industries.

Who Sells Cannondale Bikes Near Me?

Port Melbourne Cycles sells Cannondale brand bikes both online and in store. For those living in Melbourne, we encourage you to come instore to explore our range and find your perfect bike from the Cannondale range. For those outside Melbourne, or who can’t reach Port Melbourne, our website allows you to quickly and easily choose the perfect bike for your needs. Need help? Chat with our expert staff for advice on the right bike for your needs.