Pinarello Gan Frameset

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Joining the Pinarello range in 2016, the Gan road bike range draws upon the technology and performance of the world dominating Dogma F8. The Pinarello Gan S dmonstrates Pinarello’s belief in their technology.

The Gan is a new line for Pinarello, replacing the renown Prince. Through trickle down advancements, with the frame taking its cues from the Dogma F8. Pinarello first tests the newest tech, then refines it and introduces it to the rest of their line.

The Gan is built on the Dogma F8, with distinct frame characteristics to create a less extreme frame. However, it flawlessly preserves the craftsmanship and quality of Pinarello’s road bikes. The asymmetry of the frame comes from the Dogma F8, utilising a slightly less rigid type of high-strength carbon.

The Gan S features the T700 carbon frame, a lower modulus carbon than the top of the range T900 of the RS. The result is both a lower price and greater weight.

Aerodynamics as become a huge design concern for Pinarello. Unless you’re riding in place, the wind is always there, and as you go faster, the wind gets exponentially more important.

As a result, Pinarello’s FlatBack tube profile for the downtube, seat tube, and seatpost slice through the wind. It does so without sacrificing stiffness and eliminating the weight gain typically found with aero shaping.

The head tube is pointy, to begin the wind separation with the leading edge. The fork crown fits smoothly in a notch in the downtube for greater integration. And the seatstays join the seat tube well below the seatpost for greater compliance and aerodynamics. With all this new shaping, it’s easy to lose sight of Pinarello’s traditional asymmetries, which are still here, but not dramatic.

Further the ride is better than that of the Prince. The Pinarello GAN RS shows how far and how fast technology advances for the benefits of the many.

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