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  • ETA NOV 2024

    BMC Roadmachine FIVE (2024)

  • ETA NOV 2024

    BMC Roadmachine FOUR (2024)

  • ETA JUL 2024

    BMC Roadmachine TWO (2024)

  • BMC Roadmachine X ONE (2023)

    Original price was: $8,499.00.Current price is: $6,299.00.
  • BMC Roadmachine X TWO (2023)

    Original price was: $6,599.00.Current price is: $4,899.00.

Introducing the BMC Roadmachine: the bike that can do it all. Designed for endurance, its frame has been crafted to perfection along with additional compliance-enhancing features making this great bike your first choice for a riding adventure. This bike is BMC’s pinnacle all-rounder and engineered to endure through till the end of the race. The Roadmachine, built for any road race or leisurely ride.


Let’s take a look at the BMC  Roadmachine, the Ultimate Road Racing Bike

The BMC Roadmachine is a bike designed for endurance and versatility, which, when placed on gruelling and challenging roads, still remains comfortable to ride. New features have been made to enhance this bike for descending, climbing and comfort to ensure you can achieve an efficient and swift pace when on a flat road.

Best known for an extremely smooth ride, BMC has enhanced their vertical compliance by 25% with its re-engineered carbon frame, D-Shape Seatpost and dropped seat stays. The upgraded compliance is also matched by a firmer bottom bracket increasing 20% in the frame’s lateral stiffness, ensuring the road machine is exceptionally comfortable even when ridden on imperfect road surfaces. Furthermore, if you are serious about taking riding comfort to the maximum, BMC has designed this bike to fit 33mm tyres, ensuring you can benefit from wide tyres for a crisp, smooth ride.

BMC have sort ideas and design elements from their Timemachine bike when creating the Roadmachine, so it is built for endurance and has a sleek profile. The integrated cockpit system features internally routed cables for the Roadmachine 01 model. The BMC Roadmachine Road Bike ensures the standard is set very high as a premium versatile and lightweight endurance road bike that can deliver superior comfort. At the same time, perform at the highest level on any day and on any road.