TreeFrog Bike Rack

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The TreeFrog Bike Rack Elite suction-mount-style rack attaches onto your car’s roof, boot or rear window. It is one of the easiest racks in the world to install & removes in just seconds, all without marking your car. Fits on virtually any car.

The TreeFrog Rack is lightweight and strong, capable of carrying three bikes and a total weight of 70kg. The Vacuum Cups attach to any metal, glass, or fibreglass surface and are TUV Safety Approved. It can be easily packed into a backpack or carried on your vehicle. The pro model has two rear wheel holders with velcro closure. It can also carry one additional bike.

The TreeFrog Rack is Super Easy to Install

The TreeFrog is easy to install – just pull it across your car and use the included tools to remove the air. The vacuum cup is designed to follow the curve of the car’s roof. To mount a second cup, attach it on the other side of the car. You can then use the deck to attach the second cup to the first one. Once attached, simply lift your vehicle with the holder and lock it in place.

For mounting a second bike, you must remove the front wheel first. Then, attach the rear wheel to the front wheel by using the Velcro strap. You do not need to use the Velcro strap on the rear wheel. To mount the third bike, the front wheel must be removed and secured. If you’re hanging the rack from the back glass, you don’t need to attach the Velcro strap.

Some more benefits of the Tree Frog Bike Rack
Rated to hold 110kgs
9mm quick release
Come with Tree Frog vacuum cups
Has suction mounts and a fork mount option for the back wheel
Axle fork mount option
Easily attached to the car’s roof

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