Kask Visors

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Kask Visors is a very popular bicycle sunglasses and helmet maker, and for a good reason. Their product line is among the best around. Kask makes a liner helmet that has been proven to provide the maximum amount of safety in all kinds of weather. Kask also has their new series, which is a great addition to any road bike helmet. The first part of this new series is the air intakes at the sides of each ear giving the rider a better air flow.

Kask Visors, A Nice Feature For Your Bike Helmet and Eye Protection

Kask has really upped their game as far as eye protection and helmet safety is concerned. Most cyclists I know prefer Kask Visors over helmets simply because they don’t look funny and offer a much more comfortable fit. You can get a standard or a liner style Kask helmet, but the liner style is easier to adjust and does not offer the custom fit that the standard style does. If you are looking for the custom fit and style that you can’t find with a liner Kask visor attachment, this is the helmet for you. These visors have an integrated slot for your earmuffs, which is a great feature.

Australia and Melbourne are known for harsh Sunlight and glare and Kask protection is superb. If you ride in particularly cold temperatures, you know how bad it can be to have cold hair and hands, even in warm weather. With the integrated slot for your earmuffs, you won’t have to deal with this issue. Kask offers a great line of winter and summer helmets as well, which gives you a lot of variety when it comes to finding the perfect helmet for your needs. Kask offers a full line of Kask Visors, so there is a brand for everyone out there.