Pinarello Grevil F Ekar

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  • Pinarello Grevil F Ekar Campagnolo (2023) Iceland Black B301

  • Pinarello Grevil F Ekar Campagnolo (2023) Champagne B303


If you want to win a Gravel race, this is the bike for you. This is the off-road DOGMA.

The versatile GREVIL F is ready for anything. It can accommodate any kind of wheel or tyre combination, adapting to your every need, giving you the freedom to push the limits and compete with yourself.

Even off road, aerodynamics count. Every watt saved brings you closer to victory, so the GREVIL F’s design puts a major focus on aerodynamics and rigidity. If you want to triumph on every terrain, this is the bike for you. This is the off-road DOGMA.

When you dream of going further than legs alone will carry you, we’ve got you covered. Our e-bikes combine Pinarello’s iconic design traits, superior handling, and industry-leading aerodynamic knowledge with powerful motors that will make you unstoppable.


Aerodynamics always count. Gravel races often exceed 200km, with speeds reaching 70km/h, every watt saved brings us a little bit closer to victory.

Fork Flap

Stabilises the flow of air on the front end and greatly improves the aerodynamic penetration coefficient.

Flat Back Profile

Derived from the DOGMA, this profile reduces aerodynamic drag on the tube, especially when there are bottles present.


The complete integration of all cables offers aerodynamic improvement and allows for greater ease when loading bags.


Differentiated geometry and rake ensures the same trail and the same control across all frame sizes.- Reach and stack: Compared to a traditional road bike, the GREVIL F has shorter reach and higher stack to create an elongated position, offering better comfort and better handling

– An increased seat tube angle allows for greater wheel clearance

– Modified fork angle and Rake ensures better handling and riding comfort

– Chain stays: Measuring between 422-425mm. This provides the best compromise between responsiveness and comfort. Compatible with 700c or 650b wheels.

Twin Arms

Maximum energy transmission and vibration absorption

The right chain stay is rotated downwards, as is the right seat stay, to have both rear triangles symmetrical with a uniform response to pedal strokes. Different connection points for the seat stays allows the seat tube to absorb impacts coming from the rear wheel in a more uniform way.

T700 Carbon Fibre

For the GREVIL F, the carbon fiber used is T700 from Toray, the best carbon fiber manufacturer in the world. We combine the perfect mix of different types of HM (high modulus) and HT (high strength) fibers to achieve the ultimate balance of rigidity and vibration absorption.