Road Bike Helmets

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Suitable for every rider road helmets have come a long way from the leather buckets of the 70s. Bike helmets are paramount to rider safety and you are required to wear one in Australia.

In fact riding without a helmet is illegal in Australia. Further Australian helmet standards are tough and global manufacturers must pass rigorous tests to sell in Australia with the appropriate testing labels.

Always check your helmet for the Standard AS/NZS label before purchase. Please note that Port Melbourne Cycles only sells road bike helmets that have met Australian Standard AS/NZS Certification.

With road cycling increasing in popularity in Australia there are a large range of road bike helmets now available. Some helmets also come in multiple sizes as manufacturers acknowledge that “one-size-fits-all” just isn’t the case anymore. Further, the protective features of modern helmets allow for the head to move rather than holding it still, causing further damage.

Serious Riders Need the Best Road Bike Helmets Available

Sourcing the best road bike helmets on the market is vital if you are a serious rider and spend a large amount of time racing or riding recreationally. The best road bike helmets will ensure you are kept as safe as possible while on your bike. Road cycling helmets are designed for many purposes, but above all, they are designed to protect you if there is a significant impact.  All the extra safety features will prove themselves, can save lives and reduce brain injuries should there be an accident.

Aerodynamic Performance and Aero Helmets

Aerodynamic helmets are a must in the world of bike racing and a helmet designed specifically for aerodynamics will give you an advantage. They have been rigorously tested in wind tunnel environments with the g force indicator and the latest technology to ensure reduced rotational forces are achieved.  Many of these road bike helmets will also feature an aero lid. Road helmets with this amount of testing will benefit elite races. 

Road Helmets with Excellent Ventilation for an Extremely Comfortable Ride

Good ventilation will improve airflow and make the riding experience more enjoyable. road cycling, especially in hot weather can be gruelling and most helmets with front vents and ample ventilation will keep the rider comfortable,  

Finally, modern Australian safety helmets often specialise in airflow, preventing excessive heat retention. This is perfect both for aerodynamics and comfort on a long, hot Australian summer ride.