Giro Helmets

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Giro helmets are expertly crafted for comfort, superior protection, and aerodynamics.
Port Melbourne Cycles offer a range of colours and styling options, as well as specific styles for women and children.


Giro Helmets – Leaders in Cycling Innovation

Giro obsesses over design and answering the unmet needs in the industry. This obsession created a company committed to serving riders through personal expression and advanced performance. The cycling industry has changed dramatically in the past three decades. But Giro remains steadfastly committed to serving the needs of riders across the world.
Giro understands that riding is more than just a hobby or passing fad. Riding is the best part of life and, as a result, your equipment deserves the greatest of attention.

Roc Loc System

Giro helmets feature this revolutionary fit system that adds a new dimension to helmet performance by enhancing cooling, fit, and comfort. It suspends the helmet just slightly off the top of the skull, allowing cool airflow to pass directly over the rider’s head. As a result, this enhances the performance of the vents and internal channelling. Further, the Roc Loc allows you to easily custom tune fit tension and fore-aft tilt of the helmet in seconds, single-handed.

Giro Helmets MIPS

Integrated MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) allows the rider to customise the fit and feel of the helmet. As a result, this provides stability and long-range comfort for the rider. Giro helmets featuring MIPS also have an added level of protection from rotational forces in the event of an angled impact.

The Giro Women’s Series

Featuring a diverse collection of helmet styles, fits, and prices, the Women’s Series is tailored to the demands of female riders.

The level of detail and range of colours is unique within the Series helmets. They do not feature a unique “women’s fit” as there is no anatomical difference between women’s and men’s heads aside from average skull diameter. The Women’s Series of Giro helmets offers women more options than any other brand on the market.