Giro Syntax Helmet MIPS White Road

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Looking for long range comfort, relentless performance, and style? Meet the Giro Syntax MIPS White Road Helmet. Giro’s latest helmet has slightly deeper coverage and a slim design to keep you comfortable whether you’re riding on city roads or mountain trails. It combines a touch of European flair with deeper coverage and high-performance features, all in a slim, elegant design.

Long-range comfort meets relentless performance and style with the syntax mips®. It has slightly deeper coverage and a slim profile, making it a leading choice for road and gravel adventures.

Giro Syntax MIPS White Road Helmet Features

The Syntax is constructed for a four-piece, polycarbonate, interlocking Hardbody shell with full Hardbody wrap. The polycarbonate shell features 25 vents with a Coolfit, anti-microbial padding and Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling. Each helmet utilises Giro’s Integrated MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). This allows you to customise the fit and feel of the helmet. This provides great stability and long-range comfort while providing protection from rotational forces in the event of an angled impact.

Hardshell with In-Mold Hardbody Lower Wrap

The two-piece shell of the Syntax combines a tough outer shell. The lower polycarbonate shell is permanently fused to the liner. This allows for durability without excess weight. As a result the Syntax is ideal for riders looking for the lightest weights around.

Giro Syntax MIPS White Road Helmet with Integrated MIPS

All Giro helmets are designed to reduce as much energy as possible without meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards. As a result, Giro developed MIPS. Integrated MIPS helps reduce rotational forces while enhancing fit and comfort. It also combines the MIPS Slip plane with the adjustable fit system. Giro believes that helmets equipped with this technology can help reduce the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to the rider’s brain in certain impacts.

Roc Loc 5 Air Fit System

The revolutionary fit system from Giro adds a new dimension to helmet performance. It enhances cooling as well as fit, comfort and stability. The patented design suspends the helmet just slightly of the top of the skill, allowing cool airflow to pass directly over your head. This further enhances the performance of vents and internal channeling that exhausts heat out of the helmet. The fit and feel adjustments mimic the Roc Loc 5 so riders can easily custom tune fit tension, as well as the fore-aft tilt of the helmet in seconds with a single hand.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation

Giro helmets feature Giro’s proprietary Wind Tunnel ventilation system. This elaborate design combines active vents in the helmet’s shell with exhaust channels inside the helmet. As a result, this provides fresh, cool air over and around the rider’s head while forcing heat and stale air out. It is the most effective cooling system available. Feel the difference every time you ride, with Giro.

The Benefits of a Giro Syntax Helmet

Giro Syntax Helmet is one of the most popular helmet brands in the market today. Giro is from a different place: Santa Cruz, California, in the middle of the mountain ranges and the sea. Since 1985, Giro has continually been providing lightweight helmets to thousands of cyclists, riders, skiers and even snowboarders all over the world. When Giro first entered the competitive cycling stage, it focused on creating high-quality helmets that would provide comfort as well as safety. Since its beginning, Giro has become much more than a bicycle brand; it has become a symbol of style and quality and an authority on what cycling needs to be like.

  • Ventilation: Wind tunnel vents with internal channeling
  • Vents: 25
  • Certification: Cpsc bicycle
  • Construction: In mold construction; Four-piece polycarbonate interlocking hardbody shell; Full hardbody wrap
  • Fit system: Roc loc 5 air mips