SIDI Cycling Shoes

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SIDI shoes are one of the market leaders in cycling footwear with over half a century of experience. Their footwear is used by both professionals and amateurs all over the world. SIDI’s years of innovation has helped them develop a great fit that takes cycling comfort to a whole new level.

Priding themselves on their high level of compatibility SIDI cycling shoes are compatible with the best pedal systems on the market meaning you get to experience perfect transference of power from shoe to pedal. SIDI’s guaranteed quality means they have been chosen by millions of athletes across the world. Their heavily researched and highly technical footwear means SIDI cycling footwear achieves the maximum in reliability and comfort.

They have a passion for performance and excellence that goes beyond just that of a company. Designed for long distance as well as high performance cycling SIDI footwear is specially designed to fit all cyclists including those with high arches or wide feet. Customers can feel the difference the moment they slip on a pair of SIDI cycling shoes.

Sidi Cycling Shoes and High Performance Cycling Shoes

SIDI Cycling Shoes are truly one of the most iconic cycling brands on the market. Designed for ultimate performance fit and comfort they lead the way in pioneering shoe technology. Further SIDI truly have a flare for striking colours as seen through the products listed below. Specially designed to survive rougher conditions the rigid sole also features special clasping mechanisms to ensure the shoe fits tightly against the wearer’s foot.

As a result this tighter grip ensures the shoe does not slip loose during a difficult ride while still enhancing the power transfer to the bike’s pedals. This also helps reduce the movement within the rider’s shoe improving comfort. Explore our wide range of SIDI brand cycling shoes and footwear below. Or contact the expert team at Port Melbourne Cycles today for advice on the best cycling shoes for you!

When it comes to performance cycling SIDI Shoes are respected and renowned