FirstBIKE Balance Bikes

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Riding a bicycle is a great and fun activity that your child can learn at a young age. FirstBIKE balance bikes are ideal for encouraging a child to be active and enjoy riding outdoors. Riding helps a child build confidence and improve their fitness and coordination.

FirstBIKE Balance Bikes are Confidence Builders and Make the Initial Experience of Riding Fun

FirstBIKEs can encourage children from 22 months towards learning to ride and make the process of learning to ride an enjoyable experience. A child can become familiar with balancing and riding on a bike in a concise space of time. They have many advantages over traditional pedal bikes that use training wheels. Young children on the FirstBike balance Bike can ride for several miles and even run up hills making the whole process fun and exciting. It’s a huge confidence booster being able to ride with their older siblings, parents, or new friends. After a few years, they can smoothly switch to a regular pedal bike.

The Benefits of a FirstBIKE Balance Bike For Kids

Riding a bicycle is fun and a good activity that a kid can learn at an early age. In the past it was difficult to find child-friendly bicycles, but not anymore. Now there are many styles of FirstBIKE Balance Bikes available in various colours, sizes and designs to choose from. A bike can easily become a child’s favourite piece of transportation. There are also many benefits of a FirstBIKE Balance Bike that make this type of bike stand out from the crowd.