Kids Helmets

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Kids Bike Helmets

Most children from the age of five to fourteen own a kids bike helmet, but only 25% of them wear it every day. While most kids understand the importance of wearing a kids helmet, the argument that “it looks dorky” is stronger than “let’s be safe!” Luckily, there are plenty of fun designs to choose from on our site, so explore our range of kids helmets and select the most appropriate model.


Kids Mountain Bike Helmets

There are many types of mountain bike kids helmets available on the market. Those designed for extreme sports such as downhill and mountain biking are known as full-face MTB helmets. Those made for everyday riding are known as “normal” helmets. Remember, for maximum safety, it’s essential to know what size the child needs.

SCOTT Junior Helmets

SCOTT offers a wide selection of junior helmets. The Spunto Junior Plus is one of the safest junior helmets available today. It features MIPS, which protects from angular impacts. It also has J-RAS fit technology, a rear flashing light, and full in-mould construction. This junior kids helmet is an excellent choice for kids just starting to ride bikes. It’s also lightweight, so it won’t weigh your child down when they’re riding.

GIRO Junior Helmets

Giro is well known for its high-quality bicycle helmets. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable, or durable model, there’s a Giro junior helmet for you. Their Scamp fit system offers superior safety and is designed to ensure a proper fit. The great thing about GIRO is they understand style is important, and kids love the look of these great helmets.

Versatile and Stylish Design

Another critical aspect of these helmets is that they are versatile and can be used for other recreational activities.

Skate Helmets are often Interchangeable

They can be substituted for skate helmets or scooter helmets and are not just exclusive to bike riding. So remember, bike helmets are often used as skate helmets and can substitute for other sporting activities.

Toddler Helmets

Even toddlers can have fun and the sooner children learn to ride, the more confident they will be. PMC works with top brands and when it comes to your child’s safety you can trust the top brands.