Zipp Wheels and Wheelsets

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Are you looking for a wheelset that clearly exceeds the performance of its competitors? Zipp wheels are the gold standard for performance. No matter the rim depth, Zipp provides the greatest aerodynamic advantage on the market.

Known for meticulously engineering composite, the Zipp wheelsets are the highest industry quality.  The Zipp range is all the speed weaponry you need.

Everything You Need For an Aerodynamic Edge!

Available now in a range of rim depths, materials, and widths, Zipp is among the most coveted wheelsets in the industry! Zipp designs their wheels to use computational fluid dynamics and test rigorously in wind tunnels, setting aerodynamic benchmarks.

Skilfully combining aerodynamics and wind-cheating, Zipp wheels are America’s premium brand, offering the best in lightweight and high-performance wheels. Further, by taking queues from mother nature and melding with some serious R&D, Zipp is at the forefront of innovation and design.

Zipp also develops and produces a range of performance tyres to accompany their state of the art wheels. They are designed with rolling resistance in mind, ensuring maximum performance for both clincher and tubular wheels.

Zipp Wheelsets – Leaders in the Industry

Utilising the world’s most advanced carbon-fibre manufacturing facilities, Zipp also a renowned line of cycling components and accessories as well as producing state-of-the-art wheels.

Zipp’s range of components cater to all riders with premium handlebars, seat posts, and stems. As a result, with carbon fibre and aluminium options, Zipp is the go-to choice for recreational riders, professionals and bike fitters around the world. If you want precision, compliance, ergonomics and rigidity, then explore our range of Zipp wheelsets today!