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Bring the outside, inside with our range of trainers. Trainers allow you replicate the resistance and sensation of riding on the road. Ideal for those wanting to train in the comfort of their own home, Port Melbourne Cycles carries a wide range to suit your needs.

Wheel-on Smart Trainers

This cutting edge technology is designed to act like classic dumb trainers. Simply clamp the rear axle into a support while resting the rear wheel on a roller drum. The drum connects to a resistance unit that communicates with your chosen hardware and app. This controls the resistance your feel through the wheel.

Headwind Smart Fans

Another innovative piece of technology for the indoor trainer. Designed to suit every rider and type of cyclist, this device mirrors the shape and position of your body to ensure you receive maximum cooling. As a result, you can keep cool during even the toughest training sessions. With manual speed settings, you can create your ideal airflow and focus on simply riding.

Indoor Grade Simulators

For the best in indoor riding simulators comes the grade simulators from Wahoo. Compatible with third party apps, these grade simulators seamlessly blend ascents and descents with resistance changes for a truly immersive indoor experience. Whether you are riding a virtual course or simply want to shake up your workout, grade simulator trainers are for you!

Riser Block Trainers

Riser blocks are innovative trainers that increase the height of the front wheel to match the rear wheel when using a trainer. This provides you with a more natural position when training indoors. They provide a realistic riding experience by utilising a smooth, quiet training experience.

Explore our innovative range of trainers and take your indoor riding to the next level!   The Wahoo Kickr Climb is one example of our fantastic range as is the Wahoo Kickr Core, so please explore your options.