Cannonade Women's Bikes

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  • Treadwell Women's

    Treadwell Women's (4)

  • QUICK Women's

    QUICK Women's (3)

  • ETA FEB 2022

    Cannondale Treadwell 3 (2022)

  • ETA MAY 2022

    Cannondale Treadwell EQ DLX (2022)


    Cannondale Quick Disc 5 (2022)

  • ETA FEB 2022

    Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte (2022)

  • ETA APR 2022

    Cannondale Quick Disc 5 Womenโ€™s (2022)

  • ETA JUL 2022

    Cannondale Quick Disc 3 Womenโ€™s (2022)

  • Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ E Bike (2021)


The world’s most advanced aluminium road bike. Forget about diamonds, Cannonade Women’s Bikes are truly a woman’s best friend! These bikes are for the woman looking for pure speed on or off the race course.

Cannonade Women’s Bikes feature the best in Cannondale Women’s Elite lineup. Further, this line up has some of Cannondale’s lightest frames and most aggressive race-ready geometry.

Each frame also feature Cannondale’s patented speed save technologies. As a result Cannonade Women’s Bikes are not only the lightest aluminium road frames ever created, but they are lighter than most of the competitions’ elite carbon frames!