Giro Aether MIPS Black/Electric Purple Road Helmet

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Impact is everything. And the Giro Aether MIPS Black/Electric Purple Road Helmet provides it, with airy, open design. This design is a revolution in rotational energy management to  advance head protection for cyclists.  The Aether MIPS combines airy, open design with a revolution in rotational energy management to advance head protection for cyclists.

Giro Aether MIPS Black/Electric Purple Road Helmet Details

The inside of the Giro Aether features a dual-density EPS foam liner which helps manage a wide range of impact energies. It also boasts deep internal channeling system to provide cooling airflow. The Giro Aether Road Helmet features Giro’s proprietary MIPS Spherical technology. Giro integrates this revolutionary technology between layers of EPS foam, instead of against the rider’s head. This gives riders the full benefit of MIPS without obstruction to comfort or cooling.

Roc Loc System

The Giro Aether also features a stunning silhouette, formed by the sleek six-piece shell that surrounds a series of massive vents. The helmet has added structural reinforcement via a shatter resistant AURA reinforcing arch. The Giro Aether’s final touch is the Roc Loc 5+ Airt fit system, featuring 3-way fit tuning, allowing for easy adjustment in seconds.

This revolutionary fit system also adds a new dimension to helmet performance by enhancing cooling. It also enhances fit and comfort. Using a patented design that suspends the helmet just slightly off the top of the skull. Roc Loc 5 Air MIPS allows cool airflow to pass directly over the rider’s head. This further enhances the performance of the vents and internal channeling that exhaust heat out of the helmet. Fit and feel adjustments mimic the Roc Loc5, allowing you to easily custom tune fit tension and fore-aft tilt of the helmet in seconds with just one hand.

AURA REINFORCING ARCH Structural integrity is bolstered by the shatter-resistant and translucent AURA reinforcing arch that runs throughout the helmet. SIX-PIECE SHELL The stunning silhouette is created by merging six individual pieces of polycarbonate around a series of massive vents. DEEP INTERNAL CHANNELING Combined with the massive vents, internal channeling forces air to flow over the scalp, providing remarkable cooling power. EYEWEAR DOCKING PORTS Integrated eyewear docking ports with rubber grippers help to secure sunglasses. ROC LOC® 5-PLUS In addition to retention adjustment on the ergonomic and compact dial, riders can adjust vertical positioning and tune the contact points asymmetrically.
Features MIPS® Spherical Technology Shatter-proof Roll Cage™ AURA Reinforcement Featherweight Webbing with Slimline™ Buckle Sunglass Docking Ports in Front Vents Ponytail Compatible Construction In-mold polycarbonate shell Dual-density EPS Foam Liner Fit System Roc Loc® Air Ventilation 11 Vents with Wind Tunnel™ Internal Channeling


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