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The Ridley Range

Road Range

Ridley’s Road range is perhaps the most tested range in the world. Every bike platform we  create passes through the hands of Lotto Soudal. They tested the Fenix SL and Helium SLX  before we released them onto the market. More recently they did the same for the Noah  Fast and the Helium SLX Disc. It’s the only way to ensure you receive the highest possible  standard within any bike platform.

Within our Road range we have 3 platforms:


The flagship of this company. Our Noahs are leaders in aerodynamics and power  distribution, thanks to Lotto’s rich history of world class sprinters such as Robbie McEwen,  André Greipel and Caleb Ewan.


At Ridley we actually prefer to call this platform ‘Stiffness to weight’. Nowhere will you find  a frame with a better balance between stiffness and weight. It easily challenges the 6.8 kg  lower limit, while it perfectly transfers Thomas De Gendt’s 500 watt for 5 minutes ‘early  breakaway’ secret. Every pro rider that rides this frame says it’s the best they have ever  ridden.


Our Fenix has always been a real high-level performing endurance racer. Made for riding  for hours at a time, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The Fenix has the stiffness and  aggressiveness required to please a pro rider.

Gravel Range

Ridley was into gravel even before it was a big ‘thing’. When we launched our first-generation  X-Trails we didn’t know the segment would be called ‘Gravel’, so we named it ‘All-Road’. Now  we know better.

Gravel has grown into one of the most promising markets within cycling. And let us be honest,  one of the coolest segments as well. That’s why we decided to follow our competitors and  rename our All-Road segment to ‘Gravel’.

Discover on the next pages how our Gravel segment is evolving!