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  • Ridley Kanzo Adventure NEW Rival 1

  • ETA MID 2024

    Ridley Grifn GRX Di2 12 Speed (Red/Green)

  • ETA MID 2024

    Ridley Grifn GRX Di2 12 Speed (Orange/Grey)

  • ETA MID 2024

    Ridley Grifn GRX Di2 12 Speed (Grey/Red)

  • Ridley Grifn GRX 600

  • Ridley Noah Disc SRAM Rival Etap AXS

  • Ridley Helium Disc SRAM Rival eTap AXS

  • Ridley Kanzo Fast GRX800Di2 1xCLASSIFIED

  • Ridley Kanzo Fast GRX800

  • Ridley Fenix SLiC Ultegra Di2

  • Ridley Noah Fast Disc Ultegra Di2


The Ridley Bikes Range

Road Range

Ridley’s Road range is perhaps the most tested range in the world. Every bike platform we  create passes through the hands of Lotto Soudal. They tested the Fenix SL and Helium SLX  before we released them onto the market. More recently they did the same for the Noah  Fast and the Helium SLX Disc. It’s the only way to ensure you receive the highest possible  standard within any bike platform.

Within our Road range we have 3 platforms:


The flagship of this company. Our Noahs are leaders in aerodynamics and power  distribution, thanks to Lotto’s rich history of world class sprinters such as Robbie McEwen,  André Greipel and Caleb Ewan.


At Ridley we actually prefer to call this platform ‘Stiffness to weight’. Nowhere will you find  a frame with a better balance between stiffness and weight. It easily challenges the 6.8 kg  lower limit, while it perfectly transfers Thomas De Gendt’s 500 watt for 5 minutes ‘early  breakaway’ secret. Every pro rider that rides this frame says it’s the best they have ever  ridden.


Our Fenix has always been a real high-level performing endurance racer. Made for riding  for hours at a time, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The Fenix has the stiffness and  aggressiveness required to please a pro rider.

Gravel Range

Ridley was into gravel even before it was a big ‘thing’. When we launched our first-generation  X-Trails we didn’t know the segment would be called ‘Gravel’, so we named it ‘All-Road’. Now  we know better.

Gravel has grown into one of the most promising markets within cycling. And let us be honest,  one of the coolest segments as well. That’s why we decided to follow our competitors and  rename our All-Road segment to ‘Gravel’.

Discover on the next pages how our Gravel segment is evolving!


Ridley Bikes was founded in 1997 by Jochim Aerts, a Belgian cycling enthusiast who set up the company with the aim of producing high-quality bikes for racing and touring. The company has since developed into one of the most respected brands in the cycling industry, with a strong reputation for its range of bicycles, components and apparel. Over the past few years, Ridley has been one of the main bike sponsors at leading racing events. 

PMC has a wide range of Ridley Bike models suitable for different types of riding and different budgets. Whether you’re looking for a commuter bike to get around town or an adventure touring bike that can take you across continents, Ridley has something for you, and our team at PMC is here to help.

More Benefits of Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes has a reputation for making high-quality bicycles with great performance, so here are some of the benefits that you can expect from purchasing one:

Excellent Performance 

While you may not want to take your Ridley Bike out on a race track, it will still give you excellent performance when riding on regular roads or trails. The wheels will roll smoothly over bumps in the road and uneven terrain without slowing down or losing speed. This is due to having wider tires than most other bikes; these tires also allow for better traction when riding off-road or in wet conditions. The brakes are responsive and easy to use, allowing you to stop quickly if needed without skidding out or losing control of your bike

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frames

Ridley Bikes are made with high quality carbon fibre frames. The frame itself typically weighs less than 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds), which means that you won’t have to worry about getting tired on your ride. It’s also very strong and can withstand any kind of weather without breaking down or losing its shape. Belgian bicycle companies have long been recognised as leaders in producing frames, and Ridley has established itself as a market leader and world class frame builder. 

Fully Integrated Components

Ridley Bikes come equipped with Shimano components, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble shifting gears or stopping quickly when you’re out on the road. This makes it easier for you to focus on enjoying your ride rather than worrying about getting home safely after a long day at work!

PMC offers a wide range of Ridley Bikes with many different features that can help you find a bike that fits your needs perfectly. They also have a great warranty program that will make sure that you’re taken care of if anything ever goes wrong with your bike.